I am a mother of two wonderful kids, living with my family in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am crazy about traveling, my small family, our friends, music played on vinyl, coffee made on our espresso machine; even consumer behavior, strategy and market research (but that’s my professional hobby).

I have always travelled a lot, and when I was 16 I left my family behind and went out on myself for the first time. I went to Tennessee, USA, and came back a year later. Full of experiences, newly graduated from high school, and with a new family. My bff Terah and her family became my American family. So even though I went back to Denmark, my heart never left Tennessee!

Since then I have taken many trips across the borders of Denmark, and travelling will always be my passion. I have a mission of visiting all countries in the world – I’m at 58 countries as of March 2018, so still some adventures to be had!

My biggest fear in life is to lose my courage. Lose my courage to live life to the fullest, to continuously seek new experiences, to break habits, and to travel. So when deciding to have children, my boyfriend and I promised each other that we would keep on traveling. We would not listen to all those who are too afraid, too lazy or too comfortable at home. We would stay true to ourselves. And here we are more than 3 years down the road and have never lost ourselves when becoming a family.

In August 2014 we were blessed with an amazing little girl, and then in February 2017 we got a little lovely son as well. The name GoCargus is a tribute to my two kids – Carla and Gustav.

Please let me know if you have comments, questions or other input. You can contact me through the Contact page.

All the best – Mette