One week to go!

Wuhuu the final countdown has set in!

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Wauw – in one weekย we are leaving! I cannot believe how fast time flies (I know – it’s a cliche but it’s still true!). I actually don’t want time to go by fast. I want to live and feel every day. So it’s a bit ambivalent to look so much forward to something and still don’t want time to go by fast.

But I know that time will fly. And I’m putting together – and trying to complete – the longest to do list ever!

We still need to figure out what to do with the last one and a half month on our trip. We have planned most of the trip but lack Australia and the finale in what will probably be a short week of doing absolutely nothing in Bali. We have read and read about Australia. It’s so amazingly big, and yet the options can be so limited taking our budget, our (winter/early spring) timing, and our two small kids into consideration.

In Tonga we are debating whether to take the worlds shortest commercial flight to an island we will visit – but I must be loosing some of courage that I’ve talked about earlier – is it really safe?? It only takes 7-8 minutes… but thinking back on other flights I have taken, especially flying with small Cesna flights in Venezuela, I don’t think I should worry too much…

And then there’s all the practical stuff of packing our bags and getting the apartment ready for someone else to live here 4 months.

In the next week we will run fast. But then we can slow down and enjoy all the hard work we have put into the trip and the many hours we have spent planning.

Only one week to go!

BTW a lot of people ask me what Carla says about this trip. Well she’s almost 3 years old, but she does not yet have an understanding of time. So for her wearing her new summer dress and getting a yellow ice cream on the trip is what she talks about. Understanding the scope of the trip in regards to time, places we will visit, and experiences we will get is not possible for her.

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