Birthday Girl


Our little girl turned 3 while visiting Samoa, and we wanted to make a perfect day for her – of course it was going to be a lot different than at home, but that is the beauty of traveling and spending your birthday on the other side of the world. However, on our arrival in Samoa we got a little worried. As everything on Samoa was very basic, and as we still needed to buy some final presents for her, we quickly realized that it might be a bigger challenge than what we had expected.

In our hotel reception in the capital, we asked where we could buy a dress for her. No problem the girl said. “Most shops around here only have 2$ dresses, which are not that nice, but go to Eveni Carruthers, they have exactly what you need”. Phew – perfect, we thought. And since it was Saturday and stores closed one hour later we hurried to town. Only to find that the recommended store only sold polyester’ish local dresses …back on the ‘present’ hunt again 🙂 We ended up buying one of those 2$ dresses, and she loved it. We also got her the only doll we could find on the island – a fake 3$ Barbie. When we get to Sydney she will get a real one. But really – a 3 year old doesn’t care. She was happy with all her presents. Mainly the balloons from her grandparents 🙂


We also managed to get a really nice birthday cake.


A white and purple one – purple is Carla’s favorite color, and I couldn’t have been happier than when we stopped by a small ‘shack’, which our guidebook described as having “good coffee and homemade cake, but doesn’t look like much”.

We met the nicest lady who ensured us she could make a nice cake. We sat down in her garden cafe for coffee and cake, and the day after we picked up a perfect cake ❤


The day was spent by the beach and swimming pool; swimming, eating cake, opening presents.
It couldn’t have been better!


Happy Birthday to our amazing and beautiful Carla!


6 comments on “Birthday Girl”

  1. This is just so adorable! I love families that travel and explore together! I see you are going to Australia… Are you coming to Perth at all? Happy birthday to your beautiful girl and happy travels! Anna


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