City Life and Mountain Air in Sydney and the Blue Mountains

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Oh, what a welcoming feeling of being in a big city. Sydney was just perfect! After spending 1,5 months on Pacific islands Sydney was exactly what we needed.
We walked and walked through the streets of the city and our legs were hurting every night (…probably more because we did not walk much on the islands than because it was actually hard :-)). Nevertheless, it was so nice being able to walk around to all the different things. But when we then did need a taxi we realized that was not easy in Sydney. Only big taxis have child seats, and its illegal for the small taxis to drive with infants. So catching a taxi on the street is virtually impossible with a baby, and we only once tried to call one. For the rest of the time it was walking, ferries, and a few busses.

We are definitely not done with Sydney, and we didn’t have time to explore all neighbourhoods, but we loved what we saw! Everything from the ‘big sights’ of the Opera house and Luna Park, to the nice neighborhoods with pretty townhouses and quirky streets.

The neighborhood we stayed in (in our very own apartment – yay) was Woolloomooloo.
It was only a 15 minutes walk through the botanical garden area to downtown, as well as being close to other cool neighborhoods with both good shopping and pretty residential areas. Very nice! And of course there were good coffee shops. Double nice!

We had our own kitchen in the apartment. Something we had not had since Hawaii. It was the best feeling ever going to the store and buying vegetables and making our own dinner! (Well, I’m not the cook. But I really enjoyed eating it… :-))

When we arrived in Sydney I got cell phone connection for the first time in a month. Despite a bit frustrating at times when we needed something done, our serious internet and phone detox felt pretty good. And it’s also what this trip is about. Having the time and opportunity to just be together with no distractions. But I must admit that it was nice having cell phone connection and internet on a more regular basis when we got to Sydney.

In Sydney we visited the legendary zoo with it’s amazing view of the animals and the city in the background.


Of course we also went to Bondi beach with its surfers and white sand beach – exactly like I had imagined. We had hoped to walk the 6 km to Coogee beach, which supposedly is an amazing walk with beautiful views of the sea and beaches along the way. But when we got to the beginning of the walk we realised that it was full of stairs and unfortunately not stroller friendly.

After five fully packed days in Sydney we rented a car and drove to Blue Mountains. It’s a classic Sydney getaway, and with good reason. The mountains were very pretty and there were several small and cosy towns along the way.

We stayed at Lilianfels Resort & Spa – a place that we had joked about as the ‘Mrs. Hyacinth’ accommodation. But it was a beautiful place with a very British ‘afternoon-tea’ feeling to it.

My first Australian encounter was extremely successful and I can’t wait to see more. Next stop is Northern Queensland.

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