Boston – our very own little Italy


Our first stop was Boston. There is no specific reason why this ended up being our first stop, none of us had been there before, and to me Boston was more or less equivalent with Harvard (which turned out to be so not true!). The real reason why we ended up in Boston was a really cheap direct flight from Copenhagen. But after the flight was booked we realized that accommodation in Boston is really expensive, so the good deal we got on the tickets suddenly wasn’t that good a deal anyway… Until we found this little gem on Airbnb. We couldn’t afford any hotels in a 45 minutes radius of downtown. But on Airbnb we found an apartment which, to our luck, was on the coolest street in town! We ended up staying in the middle of little Italy on Hanover St. A very cool area, and the most exciting in our taste. It was full of coffee shops, pastries, italian restaurants and people speaking italian on every corner. Just like any mafia movie 🙂

We had 3 full days in Boston, and since jet lag kicked in we got up at 5 am and had plenty of time to explore the city. We instantly like the place and the very distinct neighborhoods. The least appealing (but also a bit fascinating) was public transportation, it seemed very old and slow. But luckily we could walk to most areas from our little sweet spot.

Here’s a sample of our Boston adventure:

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