Rocky top you’ll always be home sweet home to me!


Our second stop was Tennessee, and we spent 8 days with my American ‘family’. I went to high school there 20 years ago, and Tennessee is like my second home, so I was very excited about coming back. We were there two years ago when Carla was almost a year, but this time we were 4, and I couldn’t wait for everyone to get to know both Carla and Gustav. It was the third time Søren and I visited Tennessee together, and this time we had plenty of time to visit new places as well as old-time favourites.
One of the most interesting things we did was a trip in country music land. A concert at the Carter Fold in Virginia with 12 year old Carson Peters who played the fiddle (or violin for all non-southerners ;-)). While several local men where clogging (tap dancing), Carla was dancing along and having a great time.

Although it was 20 years since my first visit and the fifth time back, this was the first time in the mountain part of the Great Smokies National Park (the most visited park in the US). We went to the most amazing viewpoint at Clingmans Dome – and those breathtaking Tennessee mountains were all around us.

But the best part was just being together with our American family! Love you guys!

I love everything about Tennessee. The heat, the half and half iced tea, all the sweet desserts, the smell of grass, the historic downtowns, the mountains and of course the great people and our ‘family’ there! This is a place we will always come back to!
And the song couldn’t be more right: “Rocky top you’ll always be home sweet home to me, good old rocky top, rocky top Tennessee” ❤️


In Nashville we got just a little more taste of that country music. This was our last stop in Tennessee…


Next stop is Canada – national parks, the most amazing mountains and blue lakes I’ve ever seen, Vancouver island and a lot of great stuff in between. Stay tuned 😉

2 comments on “Rocky top you’ll always be home sweet home to me!”

  1. We were so happy to spend time with “ya’ll.” 🙂 Your photos are so good! Come visit as often as you can. You are always welcome to stay with us! ❤ Love you all!

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  2. We really enjoyed spending time with you all. It makes us HAPPY that you think of us as your American family. We also think of you as part of our family. You are great parent’s to your children, Love looking at your pictures and reading your blog. Love Trudy and Tony

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