The Canadian Rockies Seriously Rock!

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My setting this afternoon feels like it is in the middle of nowhere. I’m looking at snow clad mountain tops from our log cabin. And since we are about 1,5 hour west of Jasper it’s not completely untrue that we are in the middle of nowhere 🙂


We have the most remote cabin on the ranch, and this feeling of being so close to nature is amazing!

Well, of course I’m constantly on the lookout for bears.

IMG_2735They seem pretty serious around here when it comes to bears, and almost everyone on the hiking trails carry bear spray (and bear bells), – we also agree that we have to get one before wandering out into nature again! It all became so much more real when we saw 3 bears on our drive around the area yesterday… We don’t have any pictures of bears…yet…you get kind of baffled when there’s a bear right there, and suddenly its gone again… But we’ve read that Vancouver Island, where we are going next, have one of the most dense black bear populations. So maybe we’ll get a nice pic 🙂


The last week has been all about nature. We have been in Banff and Jasper National Parks in Canada.

Canada celebrated its 150th national day last Saturday, and on that behalf, entrance to all national parks are free in 2017. So while its been all about nature, its also been about escaping the crowds. On the common tourist trail it has been really crowded, but luckily it is easy to get away from the crowds. And that we certainly did on Sunshine Meadows in Banff. First it was a pretty amazing gondola trip to the hiking trail starting points. And then we were rewarded with the most spectacular hike among mountain tops and wonderful lakes. It was an easy hike, so Carla walked almost all the way herself! Of course with the mandatory snack stop. The trail only opened a few days before we got there, so we were lucky to be able to access it. And despite the occasional snow that still needed to melt and the fact that it was really windy at top, it didn’t really feel that cold.


Of course there is a reason why the most popular spots are so popular…they are so beautiful that everyone wants to see them. And without a doubt Canada has some of the most amazing nature that we’ve ever seen!
The walk to and from Johnston Canyon waterfall is filled with perfect Kodak moments 🙂


…and these lakes in Canada has the most beautiful color – and not least setting:


But there is even more to it. Several glaciers, with Athabasca glacier who tops them all (at least in accessibility) is like walking in a moon-like landscape. And of course there are the mountains which the national parks are all about.


Today we are taking a well-deserved relaxing day. We have been driving a lot and seeing so much, that it feels so good just to relax, hang out and have fun with the kids. We started the day with eggs and bacon and will barbecue this evening. And when you’re in the middle of nowhere with no internet and telephone access it is travel luxury at its best!

…finally just a few kiddy spam pics 🙂


Next on our trip is a drive west to Vancouver Island via Whistler and the sea-to-sky highway.

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