British Columbia and finding a daily routine


Here we are almost 6 weeks into our trip and an everyday traveling routine has kicked in. Life on the road is so great and I don’t like thinking about the fact that all good things have an end, and so will this trip… luckily there is a very long time of amazing adventures waiting in front of us. And in the meantime we find ourselves being 100% adjusted to traveling – well, that actually happened on day 1 – but now everyone has their daily routine; we get up, eat breakfast, drink coffee, and then get out. We are keeping quite a high pace of activities, just like we like to. But we have also had several days where we have just hung out and relaxed. That’s one of the great things about having so much time ahead of us – we don’t need to do sightseeing every day. Every day we experience something great anyway! And here, just like home we have our different tasks. One get the kids ready, the other one packs up everything else 🙂

Carla is getting used to travel in her own way – she asks every morning, “Where is our home today?” She calls every place home, so I’m pretty confident that she is comfortable moving around as much as we do. And she’s constantly asking what people are saying – wanting to understand English. The other day she said “Nice to meet you” to her baby brother 🙂

The last couple of weeks we have been traveling around British Colombia in Canada. We left Banff and Jasper national parks, and on our way to Vancouver Island we made a stop in Whistler. We had a scenic road trip planned on our way to Whistler. But driving there got very smoky, and at some points we were afraid that the road would be closed due to wild fires. Nothing happened however, and we never saw fire, just the smoke. So one hour before our final destination, we stopped for a late lunch. Luckily for us we started talking to a couple at another table and learned that the village we were going to had been evacuated the previous night. We quickly changed plans and ended ud driving several more hours and getting the trip’s second most expensive night in a ‘cheap’ highway motel… -see thats why it makes sense to buy everything at forehand this time around. We went to 3 hotels, two were fully booked and the last one was expensive.
But we were lucky not to get caught in wild fire, and we feel sorry for all those who were…!


Whistler is a tourist town in all its matters. We did a short hike, (didn’t see any bears), wanted to go up on the mountains, but the trails were not open yet due to snow. So instead we enjoyed some easy going time. Whistler is in a very nice location, but we do agree that there is no need to go back – too much a tourist town 😉

Canada is full of quirky little towns, and that certainly counts for Vancouver Island. Our favorite of them all was Uclulet, together with Tofino, on the western shore. A large amount of hiking trails in the area, good coffee places, lots of waves and surfers (to look at), nice beaches, rainforest hiking, and a ‘flight seeing’ trip with a seaplane. What more can you ask for?

Our final stop on Vancouver Island was Bear Mountain Resort. Despite the name, we didn’t see any bears. In stead we had an amazing huge apartment, and a pool where Carla found out she can ‘swim’. 10 minutes into her first swimming experience since the Phillippines 1 1/2 year ago, she jumped into the water herself! It was also our base for exploring Victoria, and the area around.

Another quirky town, and place, was on Spring Island. Again just to our taste, they had good coffee, not too many tourists, and a nice local vibe.

Canada has been amazing. We have seen the most amazing mountains, blue lakes, river gorges, rainforests, beaches and small towns. We have had the most amazing weather with clear blue skies most of the time. We have met some amazingly friendly people, and I have even gotten a Positive Ticket from a policeofficer…!?!

Before starting on a completely new chapter on our trip – the Pacific Islands – we had some final days in Vancouver City. It is a city best described by many very distinct neighborhoods. Again, like in Boston, we ended up in the best neighborhood to our taste, and again it was completely by chance. We stayed in an airbnb apartment on the corner of 21st E Ave and Main st.. It was a residential area, and we quickly found some really nice cafes and small clothing shops right around the corner on Main St.

Next stop is Hawaii where our good friend, Rasmus, will join us.

3 comments on “British Columbia and finding a daily routine”

  1. Great to read about your great adventures!!! I am loving it, that Carla is so eager to learn to understand people on your trips. I can imagine that she is getting many amazing impressions and experiences. Can’t wait to read about Hawaiiiiii 🙂

    take care and have lots of fun!
    hugs Sonja

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